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JTAC: "Could you please clarify the impact of this issue when the PFE crashes?"

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The rpd might crash when running rpd for a long time

Who needs ZTP on MX?
Auto Image Upgrade: Installation of /var/tmp/junos-vmhost-install-mx-x86-64-19.4R2-S1.2.tgz image fetched from server through fxp0 failed:[error: syntax error: upgrade-with-config]

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I tried the upgrade several times, however I was not able to reproduce the issue. Doing some research, I found similar cases that sometimes the configuration gets mis-programmed on the device and it can be fixed by deleting the configuration and add it again or by rebooting the device. As the issue is unreproducible, we cannot file a PR and in this case was that some of the stacks got mis-programmed and the reboot fix the issue.

Related - PR 1466423 Possible regression (Junos 18.4R2-S2.4 is affected, but older versions are not - for example, 17.1R3.6). On qfx5100 VC, broadcast traffic is not being sent via LAG with member interfaces hosted on 2 different VC members. Workaround - disable one of the two LAG member interfaces

"NOTE: When setting up a routing instance for EVPN-VXLAN, you must include a loopback interface. You must also specify an IP address for the interface using the set interfaces lo0 unit logical-unit-number family inet address ip-address/prefix. If you inadvertently omit the loopback interface and associated IP address, EVPN control packets cannot be processed."

Actual quote from JTAC: "Another way to look at this, if we were blocking users in any way, such that they were not able to enroll, we would be getting many tickets The problem you are having is on your end. Please check with your network people and see if they can help you."

On QFX10K platforms, the i40e NIC is not reset properly and fails to come up after issuing a soft reboot. This issue only affects soft reboot, hard reboot is work fine.

Routing Policy isn't supposed to be actually useful, right?

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